Aerial devices
Backyard Equipment
Brush chippers
Stump cutters

All equipment offered is subject to availability. Contact us for details.

Aerial Devices

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Brush Chippers

chip WC19 2002 Perkins

 Available for rent by the day, week, or month. Choose from late model 6", 9", 15" or 18" capacity at 27 to 140HP.


  • Carlton 1712 - 74 hp,12" capacity, most have winch
  • Carlton 2015 - 140 hp, 15" capacity, winch
  • Carlton 2518 - 18" capacity, winch

Backyard Equipment

Available for rent by the day, week or month


Versa Arborist is a 42' working height fully insulated tracked unit that fits thru a 36" gate. (unit slightly larger than shown above).  Oil & Steel 1800 EV0 is a 58' working height non-insulated tracked unit with 28' working height

mini derrick

Aerolift Mini-Derrick is a rubber tire mounted unit that fits thru a 36" gate and offers a 33' sheave height, radio remote controls, over 1000# capacity in most working positions, pin on bucket with liner, radio remote controls, pole carrier brackets, alternator, tool outlets

Stump Cutters

Stump Cutter

Available for rent by the day, week, or month. Choose from 30 to 66 HP models in self-propelled models on wheels or tracks.

  • Self-propelled units supplied with trailer.
  • Up to 99 horsepower wheeled or tracked.
  • Carlton Models  SP5014 , SP6016, SP7015
  • SP8018TRX