Hydraulic Tools

Hydraulic Tools, Fittings and Equipment

Allan Fyfe Equipment deals primarily with four suppliers for all your hydraulic needs: Holmbury, and Integrated Technologies Inc. for hydraulic fittings and Fairmont and TOL for hydraulic tools. Parts for many other makes are also available from our stock.

Select from a range of tools including impact wrenches, crimpers, cutters, pruners, saws, tampers, intensifiers, water pumps, breakers, drivers, sign post equipment and much more!

These tools do not have to arrive in a box.  Just ask and we will assemble your package with hoses, couplers and any accessories to make it easy to simply plug in and go to work.

Please visit the manufacturer's websites below and contact us with your specific requirements.

  Hydraulic Tools

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Hydraulic Fittings

Integrated Technologies Holmbury

Couplings   Hydtool5

Hydraulic Tools

Following are some of the hydraulic tools available:


Rotary sawSaw


Impact Driver



Pumps Impact Drivers