Electrical Tools

Electrical Tools

For more than 140 years, Greenlee has provided quality tools to the woodworking industry and for over 70 years Greenlea has served the electrical industry as well.

Allan Fyfe Equipment is your Greenlee dealer. Contact us for your crimping, bending, cutting and holemaking needs.


Slug-Buster knockout punch units and kits, Slug-Splitter knockout punch units and kits, standard round knockout punch units and kits, ratchet drivers, quick draw and quick draw 90 hydraulic drivers, hand pump hydraulic drivers, foot pump hydraulic drivers, battery operated hydraulic drivers, C-frame punch drivers, special purpose punches, bus bar punch unit, DIN rail cutters, Kwick Stepper step bits, nail eater bits, wood bits, D'VersiBit system, hole saws, recessed light hole saws, carbide tipped hole cutters, anchors, fasteners...

Bending & Cutting Tools

conduit benders, hand benders, electric benders, bending accessories, pvc heaters/benders, pvc plugs, pvc cutters, flexible conduit cutters, hack saws and hack saw blades, pvc saws, reciprocating saw blades, pipe vice, thread cutting oil...


Greenlee's Crimping Tool Capacity Chart (pdf/1pg/108KB)

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Following are the main Greenlee lines that Allan Fyfe Equipment deals with:

Greenlee's extensive bending catalogue (24pgs/3MB)
Greenlee's extensive holemaking catalogue (62pgs/6MB)
Greenlee's extensive wire and cable catalogue (50pgs/4MB)

Note: these are large files recommended only for high-speed connections.

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